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Access Bars® and Wellness For Seniors

Access Bars® Healing Treatment

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, allows to release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. Access Bars is a holistic complementary therapy that activates the body’s innate ability to self-heal. It has been found to increase the capacity and potency of other healing modalities.

Access Bars® is a relaxing and nurturing healing modality that have assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their life and body including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, health, sleep and so much more! It has been reported to help with stress reduction, deep relaxation, ease of sleep, dissipating mind chatter, reducing overwhelm, decreasing negative and limiting thought patterns, changing negative behavioural patterns, improving overall wellbeing, and increasing feelings of calmness, inner peace, happiness and gratitude.

Keeping active is very important and regular gentle movement for seniors or people with a disability can benefit them by:

  • Increasing their confidence and boosting mood
  • Helping their body function easily
  • Reducing the impact of chronic disease or illness
  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility
  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Improving brain function

We provide one-on-one personal and group fitness classes such as Yin Yoga and Chair yoga so we can find the perfect fitness solution for everyone.

Yin Yoga

Explore the yin side with this warm candle lit class to calm your mind and ease the stress throughout your body. Most of all yin poses are done on the floor or chair; poses are held anywhere from 2-5 minutes, props including bolsters and blankets are used to get you into the pose to make the pose suit your body, level of comfort and flexibility.

Chair Yoga

A guided chair yoga exercise with an experience yoga fitness instructor guiding you all the steps of the way through some yoga asanas while sitting on a chair.  It’s a long flowing gentle yoga poses and movement that helps to improve your flexibility, mobility and restore your mental balance with breathing techniques for calmness and relaxation.

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